About Outdoor Answer

The Outdoor Answer is an online and television video series featuring hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation topics. Host Jim Carbaugh presents a variety of practical tips, demonstrations, and new outdoor technology to improve all viewers’ outdoor experiences.

Our Mission is to share knowledge and experiences, to provide useful information, to introduce the outdoor sports, to stress and promote family involvement, to educate others of the importance of conservation and preservation of our natural resources


About Jim Carbaugh

Jim is an avid outdoorsman with more than 30 years of hunting, fishing and hiking experiences across the country. Each season, Jim looks forward to new adventures with long-time buddies. The Pro-Staff members are constantly testing new methods and incorporating new technologies; into their outdoor experiences.

maine1Jim earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology and Natural Sciences, with a minor in wildlife and fisheries management from Midland Lutheran College in Fremont, Nebraska. Jim also holds a master’s degree in education from Shipppensburg University in Pennsylvania.

Over the past 30 years, Jim has been an environmental educator, administrator, head athletic coach at schools and universities in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Jim is also a Registered Maine Guide.

Favorite Quote: “It is what it is”



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MyOutdoorTV.com’s Top 10 Most-Watched Shows in March

Outdoors enthusiasts not only took advantage of early spring weather to hit the streams and lakes, but the fishing shows they watched on MyOutdoorTV.com dominated the site’s “Top 10” most-watched for the month of March.

Lindner’s Angling Edge was the top-ranked show, and five additional fishing shows claimed spots among the top 10. The full list of shows in MyOutdoorTV.com’s Top 10 for March includes:

1 – Lindner’s Angling Edge
2 – Outdoor Answer
3 – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Montana Outdoor Report
4 – Bill Dance’s Fishing
5 – Fishing with Roland Martin
6 – Jimmy Houston Outdoors
7 – BlackHawk Pro Tips
8 – North American Fisherman
9 – North American Hunter
10 – Scott Martin Challenge

Fishing shows were also among the most-streamed individual episodes, in addition to popular episodes of BlackHawk Pro Tips with shooter Todd Jarrett. Fish Fishburne’s Video Keepers of the Week, O’Neill Outside, North American Hunter, A Dog’s Life, and Midwest Crappie also had videos that were heavily streamed.